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April 6, 2019 FIREPLACE

Wood Burning Stoves And Free Standing Gas Fireplace

Free standing gas fireplace – There are a number of wood burning stoves and fireplaces. They all build on a few basic principles for good heat dissipation. Nevertheless, wood-burning stoves are very different, both in terms of their shape and daily use.Here you can see an overview of the most common types of wood stoves and fireplaces as well as the kind of heat dissipation that characterizes them.

wood burning stoves and free standing gas fireplace (cast iron oven) are usually only built up in one layer. The side panels around the oven itself (combustion chamber) are the only ones that separate the fire from the surroundings.Since the wood stove is only built up in one layer, it becomes hot soon. It can even be glaring on the outside. The heat radiates and warms in particular the room near the oven. The oven is not so good to distribute the heat in the room.

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Today almost all wood burning stoves and free standing gas fireplace are built according to the convection heat principle. Convection oven is made of multi-layer iron. They have a jacket of iron without the actual combustion chamber. Between the two layers of iron there are channels where the hot air can circulate.When the wood stove gets warm, the heat is transferred from the combustion chamber to the air in the ducts, and as hot air rises to the left, completely cool air is drawn into the bottom of the oven.

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