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April 14, 2019 FLOORING

Wide Plank Wood Flooring With Table From Saw Wood To Tongue And Groove

Wide plank wood flooring – We contacted the local sawmills to compare the prices of several varieties of wood. Oak, maple, walnut – all are beautiful woods and make very nice hardwood floors. But it would have been too expensive to have 500 board feet dried in the oven and we did not have the time to let them air dry. In the end I got in touch with a local excavator from whom I had bought white pine in the past. Luckily, I still had piles of planks that had been drying in the air for a year and a half.

The wood was covered with a tarp and had a foot of snow and ice on top, but we rummaged and dug and dug it and loaded it into the trailer. Next, we wide plank wood flooring stack the planks, with sticks between the layers, in the basement to be acclimated before grinding. Using a moisture meter purchased from Amazon, we randomly check some planks to get an idea of ​​the state of the wood.

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After having all the tables transformed from rough sawn planks to smooth and square tables, it was time to set up the workshop to do the tongue and groove. Using a 1/2 inch rotary tool and a multi-tool table (which my father did in the ’80s following a La Mechanical Popular project), it was time to manage the tables a few more times. One more reason to use a thickness of 3/4 inches for the wide plank wood flooring was that the rotary tool bit was made by thicknesses of this size – it was the destination.

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