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April 19, 2019 FLOORING

What is a Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood flooring – Nike, for example, a parquet floor consisting of three less composite spells, a plank floor is characterized by a single wide plank. With a plank floor you will have a nice and authentic floor, because each plank represents something unique. Created by nature, no planks are the same, and the unique identity and structure of each plank creates a stylish, elegant and classical whole.

Many connect a wide plank hardwood flooring with a floorboard, which is also the same. When thinking of planks, many people think at large rough boards, as are the planks. Floor boards or brick flooring is often a term used for various plank floors. If you want a floor that is of quality and exclusivity, a plank floor is the right choice. The width of the boards emphasizes the print of nature in each and every plank.

There are several different surface treatments used for wide plank hardwood flooring, which of the most widely used are lacquer and oil. An oiled plank floor is incredibly beautiful, but it can also be quite carefree. A lacquered plank floor does not have the same glow as an oiled, but in turn requires less care. So compared to the surface treatment, it is both your taste and the amount of time you are willing to care for.

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