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April 5, 2019 FLOORING

Tips for Preserving Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia wood flooring – There are some important suggestions that you notice when you want to preserve acacia wood for the interior floor. What are some suggestions? Find the answer below.beautiful acacia floors Acacia wood has various functions that have been utilized by humans. One of them is as a raw material for wood floors. But because of its durability, this wood is only recommended as an interior floor material.

Preservation treatment acacia wood flooring is the best and most effective solution. Preservation treatment is done by applying preservative drugs to this wood. The preservative itself is divided into insect poisons (insecticides) and fungal poisons (fungicides). By absorbing both types of drugs, acacia wood will not be automatically damaged by fungi or insects such as termites.

Use of acacia wood flooring quality preservatives. The medicine we recommend is Ecocide. This drug has good quality, consists of antiserum and anti fungal, and the price is very affordable. Appropriate preservation method application. For example, instead of just preserving acacia by expanding it, you can use the immersion method. The right formulation. When using preservatives, understand and follow the instructions for use accordingly. Don’t overdo it or even too little.

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