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March 26, 2019 FLOORING

Tips for Dyeing Staining Hardwood Floors

Staining hardwood floors – The type of maple you are dealing with has a lot to do with the type of spot that works best. Hard maple is getting better with lighter spots. Soft maple will take brighter stain colors, but gray tones can still come through in certain lights. If you’re working with a hard maple, you’d like to pick a spot that’s a bit heavier. This will allow the spot to settle more evenly.

Hand grinding maple staining hardwood floors are a big piece of work, but it is the best method to prepare the floor to accept the stain. Sand with 120 gravel paper and follow it with a 150 gravel paper to give a vortex-free surface. While sandy, keep an eye on glue spots that can be left behind from the installation process. The adhesive acts as a barrier and the stain will not penetrate the glue.

When working properly, ventilation staining hardwood floors is required. With maple coating, too much ventilation will not allow the stain to dry evenly and leave an uneven finish. Without this you may be forced to work with 2 layers of spot to a smooth finish. The best way to combat this is to ventilate as normal and wear a mask. When working with maple coating,

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