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April 11, 2019 FLOORING

Terms Regarding Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring – When a wooden floor is to be laid, it must be very careful with the selection. This must be done during the laying of the floor. If there are boards or planks with visible defects, they must be discarded and replaced with one of the 5-10% additional boards you have purchased. When errors are detected, they must be marked with a pencil and set aside. Even though they are wrong, some of them can still be used elsewhere in the process.

If the prefinished hardwood flooring after laying looks like a washboard or otherwise has struck, there is only one explanation: there has been a moisture imbalance where the moisture at the bottom of the shelf is higher than the top. The source of this moisture may be due to water leakage or other form of fluid penetration. Before the floor is drained and leveled, the reason for this penetration must be corrected.

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The size of the space required for a prefinished hardwood flooring that is stitched will depend on the humidity, and the size of the floor area. A rule of thumb is that the gap must be as big as the floor is thick. For example, a floor of ½ inch will also require an expansion gap of ½ inch. The existence of this space also helps to keep the ends of the boards dry as it promotes airflow.

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