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April 17, 2019 STORAGE

Steel Lockable Gas Bottle Storage Cabinet

Steel lockable storage cabinet – This new gas bottle cabinet is designed for safe storage of gas cylinders according to the law. They protect against weather, theft and unauthorized access. They are adapted to store up to 24 gas bottles of 11 kg or 16 gas bottles of 33 kg and are made of quality steel. The system has a natural ventilation that is required and is ideal for outdoor setup.

The depots consist of a closed structure with side walls and roofing of profiled steel. The steel lockable storage cabinet door has a smooth steel surface. The bottom is equipped with a lattice. The depots have a hinged roof with 2 closures and the doors can be opened independently of the roof.

Steel lockable storage cabinet is a durable, high-strength key cabinet that has 60 keys. With a 17 gauge steel construction and a continuous piano hinge, it is stronger than other cabinets available. The keys can be hung on hooks or separately with several keys on the key numbered labels supplied. Lock with cam key with 2 keys. The four-point mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes ensure a secure installation. You will no longer have to remove the ring keys to get them to fit inside Secure combination key.

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