April 12, 2019 DOORS

Shaker Style Interior Doors Vertical

Shaker style interior doors – Swedenborg is on the pitch with the “Shaker Vertical” series, which is a further development of the popular Shaker door series, found in many Danish homes. Shaker Vertical is characteristic of having a vertical groove in the middle. It gives it already very stylish and simple dies a distinctive and architecturally beautiful expression that is in line with style.

The shaker style interior doors are offered in white and a range of special colors. The biggest news, however, is that the doors are available with mirror or tablet function. Swedenborg launched a major campaign in the spring under the slogan “A door is not just a door” in order to focus on the many choices that the purchase of doors implies today:

The trend has been in recent years that customers’ choice of doors has a major influence on the other function and appearance of the property. More and more have realized that interior shaker style interior doors can be used to create different effective effects with sound, light and design, and there are both possibilities and signal value in a nice door solution, explains Kirsten Harbor, Sales Manager at Swedenborg.

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