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April 15, 2019 STORAGE

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Rubbermaid storage bins – Store, organize and package a variety of foods with these 5.2-cup Rubbermaid Singalongs food storage containers. The size of the portion makes them the ideal containers for the preparation of meals, ideal for lunch, as well as for the pantry and storage craft.

The click of the Quick Click Rubbermaid storage bins seal lids helps you know that they are hermetically sealed, and the graduation marks help you to measure the portions carefully. These BAP-free stack able containers are suitable for the upper shelf freezer and dishwasher, and have microwave-safe bases. The serving size is ideal for lunch and meal preparation, as well as pantry and craft storage

Quick Click Seal lids click Rubbermaid storage bins audibly to warn you that they are securely closed. The lids have ridges to facilitate stacking, so they take up less space in your cabinets Graduation marks on bases for convenient measurement The kit includes two containers and lids 5.2 cups of microwavable Base, BAP free, suitable for freezing and dishwasher safe top shelf. All our products have factory warranty for 30 days. All our products are new. In our store you will never find used or worn out items. Few of our items are refurbished and in perfect condition.  All our products are original.

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