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March 28, 2019 DINING TABLE

Maintenance Ethan Allen Dining Table

Ethan allen dining table – the newly purchased ethan allen dining table , first with a wet towel, dry tangle after the surface of dust and dirt, then clean the surface of the skin with one by one one treatment again (do not use waxy care products) so that the protective layer is formed on the dermis surface so that the dirt does not easy in the future pores, easy to clean later. Avoid weapons to scratch the table.

To avoid fat, ball pens, ink and other dirty ethan allen dining table. Such as stains on the dermis, etc., you should immediately clean with a table cleanser, such as no table cleanser, you can use a clean white towel a little bit of alcohol stains, then dry some dry dry towel, and finally with a protective agent Care. Daily care table that squeeze wet towels can be eliminated

About 2-3 months with a table cleanser on a clean , or use a home cleaner to remove table surface dust and so on. To extend the period of work, you should avoid children who jump on the table and chair to play, the body of sweat can not directly touch theĀ  ethan allen dining table. The ethan allen dining table is placed to leave 5-10 cm walls, keep ventilation.

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