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March 30, 2019 DINING TABLE

Keep in Mind When Choosing the Right Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular dining table – the function should be kept in mind when selecting measurements, materials and shapes. Whether you’re looking for a small kitchen table or a large extensible dining table, it’s always a good idea to choose a high quality model that stands out in the long run. Even though the high-quality dining tables come from some of the furniture industry’s most exclusive brands, we want to help you make the choice that suits your home and your needs.

The length of time to choose, if you are looking for a rectangular dining table or oval dining table, is very individual. Here you must first and foremost take into account your living space and how many seats are allowed. The most common lengths on a dining table are 180, 200 or 250 cm, but can of course be ordered in several measurements depending on how you live.

The height of a good rectangular dining table should today be somewhere between 72-75 centimeters. The reason we say today is because man is getting longer. Just a few decades ago, the standard size of a dining table was only 70 centimeters, which is not currently the case today. With this height the legs can move freely, while easily getting in and out with the chair without bumping into the table.

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