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April 20, 2019 FLOORING

Installing Plank Allure Vinyl Flooring

Allure vinyl flooring – Float vinyl plank flooring can be a good vinyl floor product for the bathroom or kitchen floor when properly installed. Unlike self-stick vinyl tiles or glue-down vinyl tiles, both of which are installed with full glue-down applications under all tiles, the vinyl board floor is only held on the edge, “floating” above the sub floor. Its integrity depends on only 10% of the board area for adhesion.

Do not remove paper from the strip until it is used, because it is very important that the adhesive remains free of dirt or oil.When installing boards, work with a minimum of three boxes and mixed boards when installed. When each allure vinyl flooring board joins, use the hand roller directly on the connected stitch to create the right bond between the two strips.

When finished, roll the entire allure vinyl flooring in two directions with 100-lb. roller. The manufacturer recommends that before starting the installation, the two boards must be joined and rolled, then pulled apart as a test. You should be able to see a continuous bond along the entire strip, by transferring the adhesive visible from one side to the other. This provides confirmation that the material is actually used.

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