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April 15, 2019 COFFEE TABLE

Ideal Size of a 48×48 Coffee Table

48×48 Coffee Table – Editor-at-large Domain , Ester Stanley, has an easy way to choose the right coffee table for your home. According to Stanley, modern aesthetic fans usually choose smaller coffee tables. Meanwhile, fans of classic-style designs prefer large called the Coffee table For materials or basic materials in its manufacture you can use multiplexes, Md and particle board . Of course the three types of wood materials have their advantages. However, among the three types of wood multiplex becomes the best quality.

However, whatever your choice, both can “work” well in the guest house. Only, the conditions, the size must be right. “The width can vary according to your taste and room layout, but from an aesthetic perspective, the length of your  48×48 coffee table shorter than each side of the end of your sofa. So if you have a sofa with a standard length of 87 inches (220 cm), look for a coffee table measuring between 51 to 57 inches (about 129 cm to 144 cm), “he said.

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Finishing a coffee table can be varied with HPL, melamine or paint duke. Depending on the color of the sofa and the furniture that surrounds it. For its size, the coffee table can be adjusted according to the number of couches surrounding it. usually 48×48 coffee table, the height is equated with the top of the sofa seat.

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