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March 29, 2019 FIREPLACE

How to  Refacing Fireplace Ideas Brick Wall

Refacing Fireplace Ideas – Drill ¼ inch holes along the mortar lines between the bricks. Make the holes 3 inches deep and about 1 cm apart. Fill each hole with a cedar tree plug; hit the top of each plug with a rubber hammer until it’s around even with the bricks. cover all the bricks with horizontal spruce boards. Line up the edge of each board with the nearest mortar line. Screw 2-inch drywall screws through the edges of boards and into the cedar tree plug behind them.

Sand the surface of spruce when the brick is completely covered. Make sure there are no rough or splintered areas, and that everything is level. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove dust. Prepare plasterboard for suspension. Determine where cuts should be made or where a piece must be changed. Cut or trim plasterboard as needed with a drywall saw. Hang all prepared plasterboard with drywall screws so that the area around the fireplace is completely covered and all the seams remain  refacing fireplace ideas adjusted

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Spread sealant along all seams using a straight kit knife. Keep the application thin while covering each collection completely. Smooth each joint with the knife so it is even and even. Cut strips of fiberglass joint  refacing fireplace ideas tape to fit each nail. Apply the strips over the joint while it is still moist. Work slowly and keep each piece smooth and without folds from end to end.

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