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April 18, 2019 FLOORING

How To Put Floating Wood Floor

Floating wood floor – Floating wooden floors are carried out so that the wooden floor forms a continuous surface that is free to move relative to the substrate. The floor surface can be made with a cohesive sub floor of wood slabs or concrete, on which wooden floors are laid on or glued to. Sub floors of sheet materials or concrete have a pressure distribution, and the coating on top can therefore consist of non-loadable materials.

Floating wood floor, can also be made with boards in the form of Pamela boards and the like. laid out on a rigid surface. The boards are laid on a thin slide, eg. 0.20 mm PE film and / or korkmuldpap / other soundproofing substrate, laid on the rigid substrate. The rigid base can be a terrain deck, an underfloor of wood boards on rows, etc.

Sheets and sheets must have leaves and cuttings on all four sides, so that they can be used for swimming floors directly in the middle layer. floating wood floor for sub floor floors must be approved and marked for use in wood floors. The floor surface must not be retained, but must be able to move freely. There must be at least 10 mm spacing to all adjacent walls and continuous installations, eg. tube.

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