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April 8, 2019 FLOORING

How to Metallic Epoxy Floor

Metallic Epoxy Floor – There are many rules for using epoxy paints, and many believe that only professionals can and can paint with epoxy. As a starting point, everyone must paint with epoxy, but if you have to paint it with epoxy at work, you need an epoxy course. If you use epoxy paint as an individual, you do not need an epoxy course. you have course for professional use because epoxy, by skin contact, is allergenic and corrosive.

The floor is prepared by washing and possibly. grinding and vacuuming. The floor area must be clean and dry. Foundation-Base and hardener are blended in the 5: 1 ratio and 10% water added. metallic epoxy floor  paint must be weighed off Рdo not mix by volume Ground paint is painted with roll on extension shaft. Hours: approx. 60 minutes. See also Technical Data Sheet

After approx. 20-24 hours, or when the 1st layer is dry apply 2nd layer metallic epoxy floor¬† paint. Base and hardener blend in the correct mixing ratio, service life: approx. 50 minutes. Painted with a good lint-free roll to avoid “fouling” in the epoxy paint. The floor is dry for walking after 24 hours but will be vulnerable to scratching the first days The floor is cured after 1 week.

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