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April 12, 2019 COFFEE TABLE

How to Make a Tree Stump Coffee Table

Tree stump coffee table – In the autumn we bought two wooden sticks through the Blue Newspaper. They have been dry for a couple of months as they were not completely dried up when we bought them. After that I put them with a shaker and put blankets underneath. Further down in the post you can read a small guide on how to easily make a table of a wooden stump.We have wooden sticks standing in the living room, and we use them both as small tables, and the boys are often sitting on them.

Important that the wooden stump is completely dry before you begin to do anything about it. It may take several months before it’s completely dry, and it’s a good idea to put the wooden stump to dry a warm place. We’ve had them close to a floor radiator for a few months. If there is a bark or crack that protrudes, you can start by removing them using a hammer for make a tree stump coffee table.

My purpose of polishing the wooden sticks has been to remove small splinters that we could tear off, and then they became nicer to look at. You can also choose to polish all the bark off or to paint the surface of the tree stump. Maybe I choose to polish my more, but I want to keep the raw look they have now.Finally, I have put make a tree stump coffee table

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