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March 27, 2019 FLOORING

How to Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinder – concrete are a popular alternative to wood flooring planks. The installation is the same as used with other tile materials, which makes the removal about the same as well. Product  single tiles or a whole floor is worth removing wooden tiles requires you to break the bond between tiles and floors. To do this, you’ll have to break through the glue that holds the tray in place.

Apply a concrete floor grinder and pair of safety goggles and work gloves for protection against splutter. Remove wooden tiles starting near a doorway. Place a chisel in a seam between plates, tilted at a low angle to the tile you will remove. Hit the head of the chisel with a hammer to bend the tile from the floor. If the floor tile breaks, then remove the pieces separately.

Remove the adhesive from the plates with a concrete floor mill. Connect the mills and move it to the edge of the floor. Turn on the concrete floor grinder and press it along the concrete in rows, using small circular movements to break up the adhesive on the concrete surface. Sweep the garbage from the floor, and then clean the floor of the remaining dust from the removal process.

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