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April 13, 2019 FLOORING

How to Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring

Allure vinyl plank flooring – Consult the design wood flooring installation guide for the recommended installation methods for your chosen floor. Some designer floors are designed with tab and slot boards. You can turn them into a floating floor by applying a drop of glue to the slot, and then inserting the into the following table. Anyway, you do not need an adhesive to glue the boards to the sub floor – the glue is only needed to connect the boards.

If you use a allure vinyl plank flooring  with glue, or our Lock & Fold technology, you may notice some vertical movement in the floors than in the installation with glue, staple or nails. However, most people do not even notice it, nor find it annoying.If you use glue to connect your tab and slot boards, you must wait 8 hours for the glue to dry before stepping on the floor.

The use of a allure vinyl plank flooring  allows you to have the beauty of wood in basements with a propensity for humidity, where a solid wood floor is not recommended. In a floating installation with design wood, the boards respond to changes in humidity and temperature as a unit, expanding towards the walls and contracting. A correctly installed floating floor must not arch or buckle in a humid environment, nor develop separations in dry conditions.

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