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March 10, 2019 FLOORING

Great Results With Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors – I really feel that new life has come into my bedroom and that it has got a very special touch, which can not be recognized in many¬† homes. So far, I’ve only received positive comments from friends and family that have been over and see it. I bought my epoxy floor in metallic colors,¬† where I could get just the color I wanted. I also received a fantastic service by Mads, who guided me through the epoxy flooring process.

What makes epoxy so special is that it is typically not seen in ordinary homes. Although most people are not aware of epoxy floors, almost everyone has crossed an epoxy floor in their lives. They are often found in public institutions, shops, garages and other closely-trafficked areas that require a solid and durable floor. Metallic epoxy floors can last for the most part and is therefore suitable for it.

I chose just the boring and safe solution with the metallic epoxy floors color Silk Pearl. Now, however, I also thought I’d just test it in the bedroom first, but it’s definitely not the only room in my home that I get coated with flooring. I’ve considered getting it plated in the kitchen too, just because of its durability, as the kitchen is usually hard against floors.

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