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March 29, 2019 STORAGE

Flammable Storage Cabinet of Certain Forms

Flammable storage cabinet – In nitrocellulose industrial is flammable. In pure form, nitrocellulose is an explosive substance, so when used industrially, it adds a phlegmatic such as, for example, water or alcohol. This reduces the tendency of the product to ignite by friction or shock. Industrial nitrocellulose includes as a basic ingredient in paint products.

Flammable storage cabinet Nitrocellulose with at least 25% water by weight. Nitrocellulose with a nitrogen content not exceeding 12,6% by weight (calculated on a dry basis) and whetted with (dissolved in) at least 25% but less than 45% alcohol or other flammable solvent.Nitrocellulose with a nitrogen content not exceeding 12,6% by weight (on a dry basis basis) and with a minimum of 18% by weight of plasticize

Flammable storage cabinet of no more than five kg. However, of the above mentioned nitrocellulose forms for analytical use in chemical laboratories or non-commercial preparation may be done on less favorable terms. It is apparent from Section 2 of the Order on the Storage of Certain Nitrocellulose. Industrial nitrocellulose covered by the rules are solid products. This is typically about granules or chips. The Emergency Management Agency is responsible for authorizing the establishment of nitrocellulose storage. Applications with accompanying drawing material and description are sent to the Swedish Emergency Management Agency in one copy.

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