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April 1, 2019 FIREPLACE

Ethanol Fireplace Insert Clean And Efficient Heat

Ethanol fireplace insert – For a while now, ethanol fireplace insert (also known as  bioethanol , that is, ethanol obtained from biomass (alcoholic fermentation of organic matter) have become an increasingly popular alternative for users. The ease of installation, low pollution and calorific power have made this type of chimney, the alternative to the traditional system preferred by those who do not renounce to have an element that brings elegance to the home.

We have selected for you some of the designs of ethanol fireplace insert more coquettish so that, this autumn, you make of your living room that cozy space worthy of the best movie scenes.It is precisely the possibility of locating ethanol fireplaces practically anywhere, which means that there are many models in the market. On the floor, on the wall, integrated into the furniture. The possibilities are so wide that any corner of your home can become a hot spot.

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One of the particularities of ethanol fireplace insert is that they do not need any type of installation: no extractor, no shooting, so they can be placed practically anywhere. This characteristic makes them a very recommendable element not only to be enjoyed at home, but also to be installed as decorative elements in leisure facilities or private businesses.

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