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April 3, 2019 FIREPLACE

Electric Fireplace Mantels in the Living Room

Electric fireplace mantels – The first reason why you should not combine a TV and a fireplace is the heat that comes from the latter. The technique is not an additional heat source, especially when talking about a real fireplace. It is not possible if the house is not equipped with an electric fireplace.Care of the host’s throat. It simply becomes numbness. Ergonomic solution and convenience is one of the most important moments. And for safety, do not shut the TV to the fireplace.

There is no world without contradictions. There are designers who, on the contrary, consider this combination as an original solution. The most important thing is to choose the type of electric fireplace mantels and television for safetyIf there is no alternative solution. Sometimes the division of the room into a television zone and a fireplace zone makes it immobile. So the two evil ones choose the best.More needed.

If it is still decided to hang the TV over the fireplace, do not neglect the safety. The most important thing is to follow the rules that do not allow the heat from the electric fireplace mantels to affect the operation of the equipment. Place the TV at a height of approx. 150 cm above the floor surface. This is the minimum in television for television. If it is high and also with a large screen, the furniture must be placed further – 160 cm.Put the TV in a recess and save all its wires

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