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March 15, 2019 FIREPLACE

Decorative Electric Fireplace With Mantel Made of Cardboard

Electric fireplace with mantel – After preparing the necessary materials, you can probably start making a electric fireplace with mantel first, transfer the drawing from the drawing plan to the box: Use a pencil and ruler for this.Do not use the cursor as it shows through paint, and even if you do not want to tear with the kit, put the box in front of paint.Now we glue the foam plastic parts according to your sketch (the edges of the corner are cut at an angle of 45 degrees).

How to glue all the details, nicely shpatlyuem our electric fireplace with mantel. We give the kitten dry, so we paint the fireplace with water-based paint. That’s all we admire with a clear flash fireplace. This fireplace fits perfectly for photography. Equally simple, it is possible to make a fake cardboard fireplace in a corner section (corner fireplace). To make this flash fireplace you must: again a cardboard box, glue film or wallpaper for a brick, scissors, tape and wreath.

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From the cardboard box, make a triangular base, as shown in the picture. Then paste the wallpaper or film (in fact you can, and in this case use foam plastic parts and at the end all paintings). But the table top of the future electric fireplace with mantel can not only be made of foam, as in this case more layers of cardboard are glued, which is then glued with a film underneath the tree. In the oven on the finished fireplace we put a wreath or candle on batteries or admire the result.

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