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April 7, 2019 DINING TABLE

Calligaris Dining Table Design Artistry and Innovation

Calligaris dining table – It has been over 90 years since Antonio Calligaris produced the first wooden chair with a weaving chair in his small studio. In the long run, the family-owned company has been modernized and developed into industry leader in Italian “Chairman’s Region” in Fruitful. From the first automatic straw weaving to its present role as a global furniture leader, Calligaris has successfully combined the art of handmade furniture with industry and reach worldwide.

The orbital table has an automatic extension, controlled by a metal arm. Two leaf extensions slide from the bottom and retain an elliptical shape. The base is made of rigid polyurethane. Here it is paired with Igloo chair. The calligaris dining table  brand, which has evolved naturally over the years thanks to the growing loyalty of consumers towards the products offered in the company’s catalog

The products calligaris dining table we provide on the market are the result of long-term teaching and prototyping with the aim of creating contemporary furniture solutions that can solve daily problems and to satisfy the aesthetic sense of those who choose it. The starting point in the design of this product is to consider the new user situation (limited space, nomadic, small home and home renovation).

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