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March 10, 2019 FLOORING

Asbestos Floor Tiles Hidden

Asbestos floor tiles  – The most common asbestos diseases are lung cancer, mesothelioma (breast cancer) and asbestos’s. While asbestos is a rare disease, about 80 cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed  this year.Lung cancer is a common cancer, with high mortality rates. The Cancer Registry estimates that every fifth case of the disease among men could have been avoided if there was no exposure to carcinogens in professional life.

There is still a lot of asbestos floor tiles around in homes, around the fireplace, in floor coverings, pipes, ceilings and walls. This is extra scary because many people are not aware of the Asbestos when they start work on refurbishing projects. If the asbestos is in peace, it is no problem. That’s when we start tearing up and brushing up the dangerous asbestos dust, says Marianne Halberd, Special Advisory, in the indoor climate specialist Steamy.

Many are surprised at how extensive the use of asbestos floor tiles hidden was  when it was completely banned.Asbestos dust breathes in, damages the lung tissue. The problem is that asbestos does not break into the body. Once you have breathed it in, it will not come out again.The building stock lives a long time. A home will usually exist for at least 100 years. Therefore, there is still as much asbestos in our buildings.

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