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April 10, 2019 FLOORING

Advantages 3d Epoxy Floors

3d epoxy floors – One of the main advantages of liquid porcelain tile is that the application of the product is done quickly and does not make dirt. Its cleaning is also another positive factor, as you just have to pass a neutral soap diluted in water to keep the floor always beautiful.The liquid porcelain tile is ideal for those who need to integrate environments such as  living room and kitchen because the product does not have grouts and separations of floors .

The polyurethane liquid porcelain tile 3d epoxy floors requires the floor to be even, even with the grout closing. Usually a paste is used to level the entire floor and leave it ready for application. As for the resistance, the epoxy liquid porcelain floors are more resistant with regard to chemicals. While polyurethane flooring is more resistant to scratches, temperature variations and dilation.

The first step in how to make 3d epoxy floors tile is to perform a leveling, where a base will be placed to level the grouts and deformities.In the second step you can decide between putting an image to compose your environment or if you want to decorate only one color. Many people opt for the marbled and glossy look. The brighter the finish the chances of scratching become more evident.

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