Tips To Arrange A Travertine Coffee Table

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Travertine Table Top Round

Travertine coffee table – In the living room in a house at West Hollywood House, designer Mark D. Sirs arranges his coffee table by displaying his favorite items such as: books, boxes and art items from flea markets from China and Paris. For those of you who prefer a minimalist concept, this arrangement looks too crowded compared to just a table with a flower vase on it, but it doesn’t hurt you to try this concept as a variation on your coffee table.

A lamp is usually placed on a travertine coffee table, so is the idea of ​​this concept. A designer named T. Keller Donovan who designed the living room at Nantucket cottage took a fresh contemporary concept. As a substitute for standard lamps, he chose to use a large lantern as an accessory on the rattan coffee table. Easy but still  eye-catchy. If you are holding an event inside the house, you just have to light a candle in it and your coffee table will look more vibrant.

Other solutions that you can do on your travertine coffee table by adding flowers that are elegant and easy to move, such as in a house in San Francisco by a designer named Orlando Diaz-Nazca. He recommends choosing a monochromatic setting and shiny colors. Equipped with an extended sofa and club chair that feels comfortable indoors.

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