Tips For Staining Concrete Floors

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Staining Concrete Floors Indoors

Staining concrete floors – The final touch – the main stage in the creation or interior renovation. Properly performing the final work can highlight the high decorative and qualitative indicators or to cancel all previous efforts. The final phase of finishing and repairs of homes in new finish – paint the floor that requires careful preparation, proper choice of dye composition and compliance technologies.

There are processes that should be profitable before applying the staining concrete floors surface like a floor tiled particleboard, plywood, MDFs or they simply do not need. But wherever it was taken, make sure to provide thorough cleaning and cleaning, removal of furniture and all the extra space in front of his painting subjects. Thoroughly wash the floor to remove dust and dirt with a brush.

To clean the staining concrete floors surface pre-staining use a steel brush. Using it removes not only dirt, dust and dirt, and remove the top layer of the weak – the fragile concrete milk. It is achieved as a result of the deposition of heavy large concrete particles in the lower layers of the bond during solidification. Non-resistant top layers are not able to adequately resist the load so that it is removed or cut a special grinding equipment.

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