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At Tree of Life, we take pride in providing non-surgical relief for many suffering with low back pain and neck pain. What we find absolutely amazing is that one treatment—spinal decompression—can help with so many of the causes of neck pain and low back pain. First, let’s talk about all the problems you or a loved one is experiencing with pain and their decreased quality of life, then we’ll talk about decompression and the benefits.

Many people in our community Allen TX have cervical stenosis or lumbar stenosis and it’s one of the worst causes of neck pain or low back pain. People who suffer with this are often told that painkillers and surgery are their only option. It’s not!!! You do have a choice—Tree of Life!

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spine—causing pressure on your nervous system and spine. There are other areas of your body that stenosis can occur resulting in the same pressure: neck (cervical stenosis), mid-back, low back (lumbar stenosis), sacrum, and any area that is connected to your spine. Many of our patients in Allen TX with spinal stenosis are now living a life free of pain. Tree of Life can help you with improving the quality and longevity of your life.

A herniated disc, ruptured disc aka disc herniation can happen to just about anyone. We’ve heard stories of people moving furniture, cleaning house, riding motorcycles, playing golf, exercising, working in the yard, mowing the lawn, or even picking up a child and the next thing they know, excruciating pain and the inability to move is the result. Don’t automatically assume you need surgery for a herniated disk (disc herniation)—with a 70% failure rate; this is not the first option you want to look at.

There are many technical terms for what can cause pain and loss of movement in your life. You may have heard ads on the radio or see them on TV talking about how to treat spondylosis—a degenerative disc disease that attacks the bones or disc in your spine. The most commonly prescribed course of treatment is medication. However; no pill can correct degeneration. Your best prescription for spondylosis in Allen, TX is Tree of Life.

It seems like there are many terms to describe the similar problems: degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, stenosis of spine, and osteoarthritis. In conjunction many people may begin to suffer with a condition called herniated disk, ruptured disc, or bulging disk that may cause referred pain or numbness in the arms and legs. You may be suffering from abusing your body, you may be suffering from genetics, you may be suffering side effects of medication, you may be suffering from auto injury, you may be suffering from age, but if you are suffering we can help.

Spinal Decompression in Allen, TX

Spinal decompression is a very specific treatment. Many years ago, Dr. Allen Dyer, MD, PhD—who was suffering with the pain from degeneration and bulging disc—invented a machine that introduced decompression to the world. It was called the Vax D spinal decompression machine and it literally worked miracles. Although this treatment has been around since 1996, there have been many advances in that short time and many imitators.

So, how do you know if you are dealing with an imitator of spinal decompression therapy or the real thing? The key to true decompression therapy is a controlled device using computer software that creates a negative vacuum in the disc or surrounding joint that is degenerating. Hanging upside down (inversion therapy) looks good and feels good, but it doesn’t provide the necessary components to reverse the conditions we’ve discussed. No matter what the infomercial says, you need a qualified spine specialist—like the Chiropractors and back doctors at Tree of Life—to help you not only get out of pain, but actually help your body heal and reverse the many forms of degeneration disc disease or degenerative joint disease that reduce you to tears.

We have two highly specialized tables in our office that will gently stretch your spine a few millimeters, allowing fluid and oxygen back into your spine, disk and other joints—both key to healing the decay and arthritis that is reducing your quality of life and causing you daily pain.

The spinal decompression success rate is at 80% or higher; in fact our favorite success story is from Jackie. Jackie had suffered with low back pain and sciatica for more than 30 years. When she was a young mother with three children under the age of five, she had run out to the garage for a quick second and slipped and fell. She completely lost feeling and movement in her legs. After sitting for a moment and explaining to the powers of heaven that she couldn’t be hurt badly because her children needed her, she slowly got up and was able to move again.

She knew that she had hurt herself, but didn’t know what to do about it. She had good days and bad days, but had been told that by the medical doctors that she would just have to accept that pain would be a part of her life. In 2006, she walked through the doors of Tree of Life hurting and hoping that something could help. Chiropractors had helped her through some of her worst days, but never really solved the problem completely. Our doctor suggested she try our spinal decompress tables, a recent addition to our office. After 30 treatments on these spinal decompression machines in Allen, TX, she found new life without pain.

Now, eight years later, she is still pain free and moving better than ever. Not bad for a 67-year-old who raised four children and has eleven grandchildren that she loves to chase. Anytime you ask her, she touts the effectiveness of the spinal decompression tables at Tree of Life and the mobility and healing she has found.

The question is, are you going to let spinal decompression help you? All you have to do is call and take that first step. We’ll help you with the rest.

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“Tree of Life Chiropractic has the friendliest staff and doctors around. The entire staff are some of the most caring, compassionate, professional people I have ever met. I highly recommend them.”

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“The benefits I have experienced include relief from neck and back pain, more energy, restful sleep, being more alert and able to focus on job duties, and good health all around.”

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