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April 17, 2019 ROCKING CHAIR

Padded Rocking Chair Stingray

Padded rocking chair – A distinctive and eye-catching modern interpretation of the classic padded rocking chair. is designed for relaxation and offers many seating options. It has a dynamic expression whose design is inspired by, among other things, mussel skull that gives a beautiful organic shape that is raw outside, but smooth and refined inside.

The padded rocking chair is a comfortable and nice furniture for the home. The style is simple and stylish and therefore fits most devices. The rocking chair is padded with gray polyester. The textile is extremely durable and the rocking chair therefore lasts for many years. The frame is white and fine for the gray seat.

Estelle steel structure without transverse lines, adds a light and floating expression to the chair. The skull is made of 3 D veneer and appears elegant and extremely comfortable in this fully-flattened version. Stingray is padded rocking chair with either chrome, white or black frame and in a selection of leather types.modern interpretation of the classic rocking chair. The chair invites for relaxation and provides a unique experience of peace of mind. Stingray means a rock in English, and the skull looks like a big rock that moves elegantly over the seabed. Stingray is a moving seat with many different seating options.

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