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March 17, 2019 ROCKING CHAIR

Modern Rocking Chair  Therapy for Nursery

Modern rocking chair for nursery – At the nursing center, the rocking chair helped a someone with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s to become more calm and relaxed, so that she did not disturb the other residents and nursing staff. At the residence Overattentive in Dense, they saw that the rocking chair helped a disabled woman to start walking again.

The positive response from the many test users means that Wellness Nordic has started using modern rocking chair for nursery at schools and kindergartens. Here the rocking chair helps both children and autism. The Photoengraves Kindergarten in Dense has just tried the rocking chair and could notice a big difference with the children, which became much calmer and have more profits to join the community with other children.

The staff at the nursing homes can also feel that the modern rocking chair for nursery makes a difference in their work. Before, the residents demanded more attention and monitoring. Now the rocking chair has made them more calm and relaxed, so the staff can feel better and have a better working environment.It is our assessment that the rocking chair features directly enhance the well-being of a number of our users. Understand that the rocking chair has a very calming effect, which means that several of our users who usually find it hard to find peace will find a great peace of mind by using the rocking chair. The result is absolutely unique,

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