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309 S JUPITER RD #100    ALLEN, TX 75002    (214)547-7234

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Phone: (214)547-7234
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309 S JUPITER RD #100
Allen, TX 75002
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“I have had lower back pain for several years, and Chiropractic was the only option that was helping. My back pain is much less and even other pains have subsided as well. The Tree of Life Staff has made me feel at home! Coming to the office is like visiting friends! Now my entire family comes as well.”

Allen TX Massage, The best place for Massage is at Tree of Life Massage.

Natural Pain Relief Through Massage In Allen TX

Normally it is hard to find a good massage center. Not anymore! For the best massage in Allen TX, all you need to do is call Tree of Life.

Offering Swedish Massage, Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, our Allen TX Massage Center has the best massage therapists around. We work to provide you a comfortable, relaxing and professional massage at an affordable rate. In some cases, your major medical insurance will even cover the cost of your medical massage.

Don’t miss out on these great types of massage—come back often!

Swedish Massage

Allen TX Swedish Massage: Our therapists will use lotion with basic strokes using light to medium pressure. You tell them how much pressure you like and they will use their expertise to create a sequence of strokes that will help you relax and leave you feeling like a wet noodle. This type of massage offers a unique set of benefits—it helps release endorphins into your system, giving you that feel good all over; it helps improve the circulation in your blood and lymphatic system; this will also help reduce pain, muscle spasms and tension. Basically, this is the massage that just helps you relax and unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage in Allen TX is quite similar to a Swedish massage. It combines unique strokes to help you relax, but the pressure is deeper. This allows our massage therapists to unkink those knots that you’ve worked so hard to build. This type of massage is considered a therapeutic massage and is very effective because of the highly specialized technique. Many times you will see the Allen TX massage therapist stretching to get the ropes of muscle to cooperate and release the tension built up. This is one form of medical massage that we offer and is very widely appreciated for its therapeutic value. Again, we use lotion to allow the massage therapist to work deeply in the muscles of your back, neck, legs and shoulders. Many athletes prefer this type of massage for relieving tightness and pain from intensive conditioning.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage: In Allen TX we have many highly specialized sports centers. This type of massage helps with flexibility, reducing recovery time, preparing for events, increasing endurance and reducing the fatigue that sports can cause. Sports massage can also help reduce the likelihood of injury. Keeping the muscles loose so that your body can respond quickly and without pain is key to performance in high energy demand sports—Cross fit training is just one example of pushing your body to the absolute limits. Sports massage helps you get the most benefit out of that type of training without killing yourself trying it.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage is relatively new to the scene. This combines many of the techniques described above with stretching and physical therapy techniques to unlock the pain causing bundles of tissue in your body. Using lotion, stretches and deeper strokes than Swedish massage, this Medical Massage in Allen TX will unlock your body and help you find greater range of motion, less pain and the ability to move the way you remember moving before you tied yourself up into some form of a pretzel.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage in Allen TX doesn’t have to be a holy grail that you search for. It is waiting for you in our office. Do you need to relax? How about getting rid of that pain from overdoing it at the golf course? Is your personal trainer more of a personal torture expert? Does your boss consider it a challenge to see how knotted your shoulders can get? Do you suffer with pain that feels like the weight of the world on your body? Can’t wait to feel more relaxed?

Please, don’t suffer any longer. Let us find a way to help you. We not only offer massage, but a true spa experience with gentle music to help your mind unwind, aromatherapy to soothe your senses and a genuinely unique experience that will help you find you again. As just one of the key services that we offer, we want to be the place you think of to find your Zen and your happy place.

Of course, we can’t find you as easily as you can call us. So, call today. We have massage times to fit your schedule, prices to fit your budget and therapists waiting to help you be more relaxed and feel the relief that you are seeking. Call now. Our appointment times are in high demand and we want you to get in as quickly as you can to start seeing the benefits we offer.

Tree of Life Chiropractic

309 S Jupiter Rd #100

Allen, TX 75002

(214) 547-7234

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