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How to Build a Storage Ottoman With Tray

Storage ottoman with tray – To make an storage ottoman with tray, you need six square tray. Cut the sides and the bottom of the Ottoman being 16 x 19 inches. Cut the top of the Ottoman being a bit bigger, about 16 x 20 inches. All you really have to do here is to make a box. Screw sides and bottom pieces of tray in a box form. Do not attach the top / lid of the tray. To the lid, put two thin strips of plywood on one side so that when placed on top of the box will not slip down.

Now that you’ve built the storage ottoman with tray, it’s time to cover it with fabric and finish it. The first thing to do is to tie the plate to the sides of the tray. To do this, use spray glue and then squeeze into. Next, you must attach fabric of your choice. I made 4 Osman, two with brown fabric sides and a striped fabric top and two with striped fabric sides and a brown fabric top. You will have to cut the fabric so it is 2 inches longer than the height of the stool.

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When attaching fabric to the bottom, pull the fabric tight and shorten the fabric into the inside tray. On one side of the stool tray you will have a stitch where the fabric connects. At this time, use either decorative nails or upholstery nails keep nails in place.To cover the lid on the stool, spray the foam pad on the lid. Then you just wrap fabric around the lid and short space on the underside storage ottoman with tray.

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