How To Build A Square Storage Ottoman With Hinges

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Square Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

Square storage ottoman – The Ottoman is the simplest and most straightforward furniture in the modern home. Basically just simple boxes, the different styles of stool are all attractive ways to support the feet of a retired person. Adding the element of storage within an Ottoman gives the fully functional furniture a dual purpose and increases its value in the home.

Arrange four equal boards on their 2-foot sides to form a perfect square storage ottoman, with each board butting into a board while another shot into the side of it. Re-drill four evenly spaced holes in each assembly, with holes into the outside of a table and pass into the end of the other. Secure the boards together with 2-inch wood screws.

Position one of the square storage ottoman plates on top of the Ottoman Assembly and forbade a hole in each corner of the square table, down the center of each side table. Attach square boards to side pieces using the 2-inch wood screws. Cover the outside of the stool with tight stretched fabric that covers the inside as well, if you want. Staple the fabric into place on the bottom of the Osman surface and then back inside it, in the storage area.

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