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When a person undergoes surgery, they are at risk for surgical failure. Persistent back pain felt even after the surgery is one of the hallmark signs of a failed surgery. These patients are advised to seek the help of a chiropractor in addressing the pain that limits their activity and mobility.

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When a chiropractor treats back pain caused by a failed surgery, the first step is to assess the situation. A patient will undergo MRI tests to pinpoint the source of the pain, our MD may discuss possible surgical errors, as well as eliminate other possible sources of the pain. Some of the possible causes of pain after a surgical procedure include:

Incorrect diagnosis
There are instances when surgeons try to find an anatomic lesion with which they can attribute to the back pain the patient is experiencing. For example: a surgeon might put the blame on degenerative disc disease, electing to correct the problem through surgery. If this is not genuinely the source of the pain, it would be ineffective.

Recurrent Disc Herniation
This is also another common reason for the occurrence of recurrent pain after undergoing a spine surgery. In contrast to pain caused by scar tissue, recurrent disc herniation pain occurs in such a way that a patient feels well and walks around fine, then all of a sudden, they will feel pain in their legs. Furthermore, a recurrent disc herniation pain occurs in an acute manner, where as recurrent pain from scar tissue occurs gradually.

Technical Errors
If there is continued pain after discectomy or laminectomy, then there could be a possibility that a technical error has occurred during the surgery. For example, a piece of bone may be left adjacent to a nerve, which then injures the nerve, thus causing pain. Another common example is a chip of a herniated disc had been overlooked. As a result, the nerve root is compressed, resulting in pain.

In treating persistent pain, even after surgery, your chiropractor should develop a system for managing the root cause of the pain. Both finding the source of the pain, and forming an effective treatment strategy, are important in order to restore a patient’s functional state and relieve the pain.

Very few things are worse than having your back surgery fail to reduce or relieve your pain. With proper diagnosis and treatment, and the right tools and mechanisms, pain sources can be eradicated and a patient’s functionality can be restored. Call us today for a initial consultation.

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