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March 25, 2019 ROCKING CHAIR

Exclusive Handmade Rocking Chair

Handmade rocking chair – The chair’s sculptural appearance speaks for itself! What one can not see is its amazing seating comfort. The seat-shaped seat distributes the pressure gently. The cuts on the front of the seat remove the pressure under the thighs when shaking / leaning. The armrests are cut to a comfortable rest for the forearms and the exclusive finish makes it an irresistible pleasure to touch the tree.

The handmade rocking chair rounding so that the attached stools fit the back of the back.The Pamela that provide the right lumbar support are very flexible and also easily swivel for a personal fit.It can be difficult to imagine that a non-padded furniture can be so comfortable to sit in. But I guarantee a truly comfortable and unique sitting experience.

In addition to unique and design classics, new custom-made handmade rocking chair also appear when searching online. Merton Steinbeck, who stands behind Crafted by Steinbeck, designs and carries out every single rocking chair he puts for sale. And he has become a rocking nerd, he says. I’ve been wondering about techniques and materials in older rocking chairs, and then I began to develop my own model, which should be nice and comfortable to sit in. It has become my passion and I keep finding on new features.

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