Are You Suffering With Disc Herniation?

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Disc Herniation can result from lifting heavy loads, or wear and tear of muscular and skeletal tissues around the spinal cord.

This condition can also be developed through regular and common activities such as sitting, driving, rigorous exercise or squatting. Years of experience will enable us to properly diagnose your problem. If your experiencing leg or back muscle spasms, numbness, weakness, rigidity or pain in the back or legs as a result of this condition you may have a ruptured, prolapsed or slipped disc.

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We offer various diagnostic services depending on your medical history and symptoms. Having treated people with ruptured discs from Allen, Texas and elsewhere, we can help determine if the symptoms can be treated and get to the root cause of the problem leading to a long term solution.

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Physical examination for instance helps us to pinpoint the affected muscles by noting different levels of your muscles’ sensitivity. From here, if needed we can move to advanced image-related diagnostic tests such as x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan).

An x-ray may be used if the prolapsed disc condition is mild and requires simple procedures to rectify the problem. A CAT scan may be needed if we require more specific details to be able to administer the proper treatment. It enables us to analyze your spinal cord and establish whether it has become inflamed, cracked or has elongated tissues. An MRI provides us with a three dimensional image of your discs and facet joints.

There are instances when our team of experts can determine if certain forms of slipped disc treatments may cause you to experience side effects which could delay your recovery. We may for example deploy a myelogram or electromyogram (EMG) to detect the presence structural abnormalities which may bring back the condition after undergoing treatment.

It can take up to or over 12 weeks before you realize that you have an existing ruptured disc problem depending on the condition’s severity. When you visit our facility, however, it typically may take just a couple of hours or even minutes to diagnose your issue and propose a number of effective treatment options.

We can usually help relieve the pain caused by disc herniation using physical rehabilitation, spinal decompression, and adjustment procedures. All you have to do is call us today and we will help get you started on the road to recovery.

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