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309 S JUPITER RD #100
Allen, TX 75002
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Your Allen TX Chiropractor Source

Your Pain Relief & Wellness Specialist in Allen TX

Your Allen TX Chiropractor Source serving Collin County with an integrative approach to health care by providing chiropractic, massage therapy, active rehab, spinal decompression, pain management via our staff doctor MD/DO.

We serve the residents of Allen, Fairview, Lucas, Sachse, Wylie, Plano, McKinney, Frisco and Parker and specialize in offering relief from back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, whiplash, auto injury, work accident treatment, low back pain, headaches, migraines, sciatic pain, leg pain, and the general aches and pains that aging and gravity can bring.

Located in Allen, Texas for over ten years, we focus our skills and energy on helping you, your family, and your friends not only find relief from pain, but actually treat the cause so that the pain doesn’t return. We want to help you correct the physical injury that put you in pain in the first place.

Tree of Life opened in October 2003 with the vision to help people get more out of life. Little did we know that just over ten years later, we would become the #1 Allen TX Chiropractor office.

Our family-friendly facility is located just off Main Street in Allen, Texas. Come see us and see for yourself why so many people in Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and Richardson—are choosing Tree of Life Chiropractic & Massage to help get rid of the aches and pains.

Many people experience regular headaches—did you realize that if you have one headache a week, you will have 52 headaches in a single year? Do your headaches stop you from being with friends or family? Do they interfere with your work? How many pills do you take to “cope” with this? Your Allen TX Chiropractors can help with this. Let us treat the source of the problem, not the symptoms. What does this mean? Usually, it means that we can use gentle spinal treatments combined with therapeutic exercises to stop your headache from starting in the first place. What would you do if you had half as many headaches as you are having right now? How great would it be to throw away your over-the-counter pain medication because it expired rather than because you emptied the bottle? We can help you!

Headaches can be a thing of the past. Migraines can be reduced—and in many cases eliminated. Sciatica can become a problem of the past. Recover from a car accident without the use of medications. Especially the medication that makes you feel loopy and difficult to work—we can help you recover quickly and fully. Although located in Allen TX our Chiropractic office is here to serve any and all that need our unique help.  

Part of what makes us different from “conventional” medicine is that we see you as a whole person, not just a Headache, not just Low Back Pain, not just Sciatic Pain, not just a symptom. We see you and work to help you become you again—living life the way you want, not the way your symptoms allow you to.

We have assembled a phenomenal team of Doctors, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Support Staff, and Rehab Specialist—all to help you be you at your best. No matter how good our team is, we still need you to call us and let us help you! Let us help you—call today.

Tree of Life Chiropractic

309 S Jupiter Rd #100

Allen, TX 75002

(214) 547-7234


We offer “State Of The Art” chiropractic techniques and a wealth of knowledge in exercise and nutrition

“When I started my back muscles were so
tight that my movement was restricted. After a
few treatments my back is much looser
and I don’t have the constant soreness.”
                                                       - M C


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(214) 547-7234


309 S JUPITER RD #100

ALLEN, TX 75002

309 S JUPITER RD #100    ALLEN, TX 75002    (214)547-7234

Tree Of Life Chiropractic
5/5 stars
I have suffered with neck, back, and shoulder pain for nearly 2 months. I thought it would eventually go away on its own. I could not take it anymore and decided it was time to visit Tree of Life Chiropractic. After 3 weeks I am completely pain free!! Thank You Tree of Life.